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Research Project

By using spatial design of environmental health research, CEHI's long term vision is to forge a whole new approach to addressing children's environmental health issues. Listed below are several of CEHI's major research projects. Click on a project for more information.


CEHI is collaborating with the Duke University Health System, the Durham County Health Department and Lincoln Community Health Center to integrate GIS and spatial methods into existing health systems operations in order to improve primary care of type II diabetes in Durham County, North Carolina.  Read more


CEHI is collaborating with the Duke University Health System to develop methods to support health care delivery and ultimately improve health outcomes by integrating GIS into health systems operations in this project. Read more


 Based on GIS technology, county tax assessor, blood lead screening, U.S. Census data, and other spatial data layers, CEHI conducts a set of researches to direct childhood lead exposure prevention. Read more


SCEDDBO is funded by the US Environmental Protection Agency as part of the Children's Environmental Health Centers program. Read more