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The Geographic Information Systems and Statistical Analysis Core: (1) provides support for the development of environmental and social data layers needed to implement the various data analyses required for the research projects and the Community Outreach and Translation Core; (2) provides statistical analysis, advice, and consulting on the broad range of statistical issues that arise in conjunction with the research projects, with a particular emphasis on data reduction methods and modeling spatial and spatio-temporal data within a Bayesian framework; and (3) provides analysis for the unique needs of genetic data arising from the clinical and animal studies of the center. This support core facilitates the development of innovative quantitative methodology for children's environmental health research associated with the projects and cores.

The Community Outreach and Translation Core: (1) conducts environmental health outreach and education directed at low income and minority women and their children; (2) enhances the capacity of disadvantaged communities to understand threats posed by environmental contaminants; and (3) provides a bridge between campus research, communities, and policy makers. The Community Outreach and Translation Core's activities utilize center expertise to promote the development of preventive outreach and education with the goal of enhancing the lives of those most vulnerable in our communities. Expected Results: The Southern Center on Environmentally-Driven Disparities in Birth Outcomes will produce important new knowledge to disentangle the complex etiology of birth outcomes. This new knowledge will point the way to effective interventions to achieve better pregnancy outcomes among all population groups.